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Whether you’re looking for a specific service or overall guidance on your pollution prevention plan, Silt Solutons provides the right combination of expertise, products and equipment to fulfill your erosion control needs. Our end-to-end solutions include design, installation, maintenance, removal and overall consulting support. Our specialties are featured below:

Water Quality and Detention Ponds

  • Infiltration BMPs

    • Porous Landscape Detention

    • Rain Gardens

    • Bioretention Systems and Sand Filters

  • Detention Systems​

    • Constructed Wetlands

  • Extended Detention Basins

  • Construction

    • Facility Construction

    • Geomembrane Lining

  • Routine Maintenance

    • Detention and Retention Facilities

    • Water Quality Facilities

  • Full Restoration Work

  • Pre-design and Pre-construction Consulting

  • Facility Inspections

Pollution Prevention

  • Storm Inlet Maintenance

  • Street Scraping/Sweeping

  • Snow Removal

  • Concrete Washout Areas

  • Spill Response and Remediation

  • Vehicle Tracking Control Pads

  • Construction Safety Fence



  • Permitting


  • Site Inspections

  • Training and Audits

  • Program Development/Management

  • Compliance Support

Erosion Control

  • Complete line of Rolled Erosion Control Products

  • Temporary Photodegradable Mats

  • Extended/long-term Biodegradable Mats

  • Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats

  • Seeding and Mulching

  • Hydro Seeding and Mulching

  • Riprap Structures

  • Mechanical Bonded Fiber Matrix


Sediment Control

 Fence and Reinforced Silt Fence

  • Inlet/Outlet Protection

  • Perimeter BMPs

  • Straw Dams

  • Diversion Ditch/Berm

  • Slope Drains

Turf Establishment Services:

  • Hydro Mulch Seeding, Broadcast Seeding, Dry Apllication, Fertilization, Sod

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